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A Quick Coffee Brew Guide...By Hand

Coffee - By Hand


If you are a coffee lover but not a lover of having a coffee machine sat on your kitchen counter, then there are many other options for you. Here’s our quick and handy guide for the most popular ways to brew by hand…


No dinner party is complete without a hot cafetière of fresh coffee. Put 1-2 cm of ground coffee into the glass beaker, add hot water just off the boil, pop the lid on and set the plunger onto surface of the liquid. Allow a couple of minutes to pass for the coffee to infuse and for you to decide who gets to push the plunger down. Lower the mesh plunger to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee and pour.


Moka Pot

Sometimes called an Espresso maker, Espresso pot or Stovetop Espresso maker.Whatever you call it it’s the classic way Italians brewed espresso before coffee machines existed. A traditional Moka Pot is made from aluminium ( unscrews in the middle to reveal a funnel held between the upper and lower parts. To make your espresso you fill the lower part with water, put in your chosen coffee grounds in the funnel and screw the top part back on and place on a medium hob. Pressure builds and forces hot water up through the funnel and into the upper chamber away from the coffee grounds. And ta-da! You have a classic straight up espresso to enjoy.


Pour Over

The pour over method is a very simple and straightforward way to brew a good cup of coffee. To prepare you simply sit a coffee dripper on top of the vessel you want to brew your coffee into and pop in a filter paper. Wet the paper, then put fresh, medium ground coffee (about 15-20g) into the paper filter. Using a Hario Stainless Steel Kettle Pour in 35ml of water (not boiling) and leave it to “bloom” for about 30 seconds. Make sure all the coffee gets wet. This allows the coffee to expand and start interacting with the water and letting the flavours come to the fore. Using the Hario kettle will give you a slow and even pour rate giving the coffee which benefits the coffee by giving it an even distribution of water and more time to develop a fuller flavour. Add another 120ml of water, filling the dripper to the top. Keep going till you’ve used the water you want and voila… a delicious cup of joe awaits!



One of the easiest ways to get great coffee without a lot of effort! Add 15g of ground coffee into your Aeropress and then add 200ml of water. Stir and allow them to “steep” for a minute and then press the plunger down, so your coffee passes through micro filter paper. You now have a deliciously smooth cup of coffee. Enjoy! Turkish Coffee Pot Also called an Ibrik this little metal pot simply boils water with fine ground coffee and lots of sugar for an authentic taste. The pots can be used on any hob type - the long handle limits the risk of burnt fingers.

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

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