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A Quick Coffee Brew Guide...By Machine

coffee machine

At Steamer Trading we are definitely coffee lovers, whether it’s a simple Espresso or Cappuccino, we love them all and don’t discriminate! Having the perfect cup of coffee in the morning can really give your day the fighting start it sometimes needs, so today we wanted to share our love of coffee with you by explaining the three most popular types of coffee machines - so you can find the best coffee machine for you.

Loose Coffee Machines

These resemble miniature versions of the espresso machines that you see in coffee bars. Cold water goes into a tank on the back and is heated by a small boiler or thermoblock inside the machine. A scoop of fine ground coffee is placed in the basket of the brew handle and tamped down. The brew handle locks onto the brewhead of the machine and hot water is pumped through the coffee producing one or two cups of delicious espresso. Most loose coffee machines also have a steam arm at the side to foam milk for cappuccino.


Nespresso Machines  

A Nespresso machine is one the simplest way to get a quick and delicious cup of coffee. The Nespresso machines work using coffee pods or capsules containing fresh ground coffee and nothing else. Each capsule is sealed for freshness and has a shelf life of twelve months, there are currently over 25 different Nespresso capsule blends so there is something to suit everyone. To guarantee freshness you won’t find Nespresso capsules lingering on supermarket shelves and getting old. You order your capsules straight from Nespresso either by phone or online. Increasingly ‘Nespresso Compatible’ pods are appearing on the market so you can shop around a little. For your convenience Steamer stock some of our favourite alternatives – the Dualit NX capsules

The coffee machine works by passing water through the capsule at a high pressure to extract the coffee. The simplest machines will just make great espresso such as the Magimix Nespresso Citiz  whilst others such as the new KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso Coffee Machine has the option of coming with a milk frother.  


Bean to Cup

At the push of a button a bean to cup machine will reward you with perfect espresso or a deliciously frothy cappuccino made just the way you like it. These espresso makers all have built in coffee grinders and freshly grind the beans for each cup. And as we all know, fresh is definitely best! If you like your coffee with milk that’s no problem for a bean to cup coffee machine, varying models feature either a traditional steam arm such as the Sage Oracle Coffee Machine or innovative milk frothing devices such as that featured in the DeLonghi Magnifica.  Bean to cup coffee machines have adjustable settings allowing for variation of strength and volume of coffee and milk so you can have your coffee just the way you like it, some machines even offer temperature control. Built-in memory means that once set, your perfect coffee really is just a button push away!

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

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