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Our Guide To Coffee - Where It All Began...

Coffee - Where it Began


As you are probably aware, we are rather partial to a good cup of coffee. This inspired us to put together our own Brew Guide and write this coffee blog series. So, first things first, where does this amazing drink even come from?

The coffee plant was originally native to the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. Much legend surrounds its discovery as a beverage, but what all of these tales have in common is that the stimulant effects of coffee were immediately apparent and sought after!


The most famous coffee legend is that of Kaldi, the goat herd, who noticed extra energy and spring in his herd when they had been grazing on the bright red fruits of one particular bush. He tried the berries and felt so stimulated that he rushed to show the holy man in a nearby monastery his wonderful new discovery! The Imam didn’t approve of artificial stimulants and threw the beans into the fire. A wonderful aroma rose up which attracted the other residents, who, according to legend raked the beans from the fire, pounded them to powder and mixed them with water to make the world’s first cup of coffee. (If you’ve been left sceptical by the first tale of the coffee plant, we don’t blame you, prepare yourself for the second.)


Other tales speak of Omar, a medicine man who was exiled from the court at Mocha to live in a cave. No one is quite sure what he did to deserve this, however to stay alive he ate bitter tasting berries from a nearby bush. As there was nothing much else to eat, he tinkered around with the beans to improve the flavour. Roasting, grinding and brewing them produced a beverage that sustained him for days. Stories of his miracle brew spread and he returned to the comforts of Mocha to be declared a Saint for his discovery. (We don’t blame the court of Mocha, we would just as quickly label the man a saint!)


Nowadays, producing a great cup of coffee no longer elevates you to a holy stature, but with our extensive range of technology to make the very best cup, those who serve a bad brew can easily be labelled a sinner. So how do you like your coffee? Is it just a simple espresso or are you more of a flat white with a double shot and extra foam type of person?


Whether you prefer manual brew or would like an all-singing coffee machine, we will have whatever you need.

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

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