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Your Top 10 Cookware Questions Answered

Cookware Questions

We asked our stores what cookware questions they get asked the most by customers, then we asked our experts for the answers!

How do I clean my pans?

Most pans will be safe in the dishwasher, however specialist pans made of copper or carbon steel will require hand washing.  Some Aluminium pans are safe to put  in the dishwasher, but hand washing is usually recommended by the manufacturers, as dishwashers may cause discolouration or pitting in the surface.  

Specialist cleaning products are available to return even the dirtiest pans back to top form.


Always check the manufacturer's packaging for specific advice relating to the cookware you have purchased. 


Which materials are suitable for induction?

If a magnet will stick to the base of the pan, then it will work on induction hobs, as these hobs rely on creating a magnetic field in order to work.


Do some cookers require special pans?

Cookware for use on Agas & Rayburns must have a good flat base and be able to go into the ovens for simmering. Some pans for this purpose have flat lids to allow the pans to stack. A simple dinner plate can be used instead of a specialist lid to allow pans to stack in the oven.


Will the non-stick wear off?

That depends on the quality of the non-stick coating and how you use the pans.  Look for a coating that is ‘metal utensil safe’ for the ultimate in durability or a ceramic coating which adds high heat resistance too.  Many non-stick pans come with guarantees attached to their coatings - check the packaging for specific details, or ask a memerb of staff who will be happy to help advise you. 


I need some good value pans for everyday use, what do you recommend?

Stainless steel pans with an encapsulate base are strong, durable and represent excellent value; they will work on all hob types too. If weight is an issue look for a range of hard anodised aluminium pans which will be lighter than steel and also extremely durable.


What is the best wok?

For those with gas hobs a traditional steel wok will be superb and provide an authentic oriental cooking experience as the gas will evenly heat the sides of the wok. Those with electric, induction or range cookers may struggle to get heat into the sides of the pan. We recommend an aluminium or ply construction wok with a flat base and preferably a ceramic non-stick coating so that the base doesn’t burn whilst you are waiting for the sides to get hot.


I want pans that don’t weigh too much

Aluminium pans with plastic handles will be the lightest.


Do I need to season a frying pan before I use it?

This only applies to blue steel or carbon steel pans which have no non-stick coating. Seasoning is achieved by heating a small amount of light oil in the pan for around 15 minutes before using the pan for the first time and wiping away any excess before cooking. 9. Can I use metal implements? If a non-stick coating claims to be ‘metal utensil safe’ then you can use metal tools except for anything with a sharp blade such as a knife or pizza cutter.


Which is the best pan for crispy fried eggs?

Fried eggs are notorious for sticking so you will need a non-stick coating. To get a really crispy fried egg requires high heat so a ceramic non-stick coating on an aluminium pan will give the best golden brown results for years of fantastic breakfasts.

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

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