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Our Guide To Electricals - All Things Bread

Electricals - All things bread

Here at Steamer Trading, we are serious when it comes to anything bread related, from making a warm, crusty loaf to the perfect croque-monsieur. Steamer Trading sell a wide range of bread related products to bring you the best doughy delights.


Modern toasters do far more than just browning bread! Many come with an array of settings and accessories. When choosing your new toaster, think carefully about what you would like to be cooking in it, and then choose the one that has the right features and equipment to suit your needs. Settings on toasters can range from a simple colour rating through to specialist settings for bagels (that will toast just the cut side) to defrosting or toasting bread from frozen. When it comes to accessories some toasters come with warming racks that can sit above the toaster to heat croissants and pastries, or with specialist cages that allow you to make toasties – right in your toaster! Top quality professional models give you precise control over browning and feature replaceable elements so you may never need to buy another toaster again.


Bread Makers

There’s nothing more enticing than the smell of freshly baked bread first thing in the morning. It can even, so they say, help you to sell your house! With a bread maker you can have a warm fresh loaf waiting for you every morning. Some bread-makers host an astounding array of bread-making programs from whole-wheat to gluten free with some speciality settings ready to make pizza doughs and making pasta! What’s more, some advanced bread makers have various settings from light to crunchy so you can make the perfect loaf for your whole family.


Sandwich Makers & Grills

Everyone loves a cheese toastie, or better still a fresh panini. They can make delicious lunches or snacks and can be easily prepared at home with the right machine. Sandwich makers have been a kitchen essential from the 1970s and they aren’t going anywhere! Good things are never forgotten and the toasted sandwich maker is back and ready for the 21st century. Modern machines have a large capacity for bigger and better filled toasties – they can crimp and seal edges of the sandwiches to prevent leaks and non-stick coatings on the plates mean there’s no longer any need to butter the outside of the sandwich too (unless you want to!).

We cannot possibly talk about making the perfect sandwich without mentioning the big brother to the classic toasted sandwich maker, the counter-top grill. They bear a strong likeness to the commercial contact grills and are similar to panini presses found in café’s and restaurants. The top and bottom surfaces have ribbed non-stick plates; some models have reversible plates which are smooth on one side for frying. Electric elements heat both surfaces and food is sandwiched in between for cooking. They also have a strong handle to press down on panini’s as they cook making for truly professional results. These machines are perfect for healthy cooking of burgers, steaks, chops and cutlets as any excess fat drains away along the grooves and is collected in a convenient tray.

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

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