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Feasting With Flair!

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What can turn a great Christmas Dinner into a fabulous one?  The answer is ‘flair’!   Those extra touches that give a fine meal a flourish, gorgeous glasses to give your fizz a little extra sparkle, the dishes and platters that can transform a dinner, or upgrade a cheese board into a seasonal celebration of cheese, turn a Christmas Cake into a show-stopping volcano of festive fire!  OK, so that may be a little dramatic, but you get where we are going with this! More on that at the end…


Gorgeous Glassware For Sparkling Fizz

Champagne Saucer or Champagne Flute – what’s your style?

The Champagne saucer is also sometimes referred to as a Coupe, it has a wide, shallow bowl and is the oldest style of Champagne glass, most popular in the early 20th century.  Its continuing popularity is largely due to the way it is portrayed in films and TV shows – with connotations of the opulent and extravagant 1920’s (think Downton Abbey, Jeeves & Wooster, The Great Gatsby) evoking luxury and decadence it is an aesthetically timeless design.    The glass shape was designed to make the most of the style of champagne drunk at the time, generally a sweeter desert champagne.  The large surface area means the aromas and bubbles can dissipate more rapidly than a narrower glass, so this means that to enjoy it at its best you will need to drink it a little faster.  What Ho! and Bottoms Up we say!

The Vintage List Champagne Saucer

Image: The Vintage List Champagne Saucer - 3 designs available Stars (shown), Lens or Oval.  Available in sets of 2.


The iconic flute shape is designed to work with modern champagne styles, as the flute keeps your fizz fizzy for longer.  Tall, slim & elegant with a stem the bubbles rise rapidly after collecting around the bead in the base of the glass.   The concentration of the bubbles and aromas in a smaller space give the impression of more ‘ooomph’ for your senses, although the small surface areas will not allow space for more complex aromas to develop or wines to breathe, so they are not recommended for older, more characterful wines.


LSA Aurelia Champagne Flutes

Image: LSA International Aurelia Grand Champagne Flutes, Set of 2


Tip Top Tableware


Keep it bright, all white is always right!  A plain white plate gives you the canvas to display your fine dining finesse for special occasions.  Plus, it means you can create a theme or colour palette for your table using linens and decorations to great effect.   Tablecloths. runners, napkins, napkin rings, charger plates or placemats – there is a rainbow of seasonal colours available, or add a delicious twinkle through delicate touches of gold, silver or bronze, whether through tealight candles in holders, tiny table illuminations entwining LED copper wire lights throughout your centrepiece.  Dazzle your guests with your own personal Christmas style.

Sophie Conran Tableware For Portmerion

 Sophie Conran for Portmerion (shown above)  is a beautiful collection of white tableware with an added design twist. 

Alternatively, if you are going for a more rustic theme, the Broste Copenhagen plates and bowls are a wonderful addition to any table, in shades of blues and creams they can grace your table all year round.


Broste Copenhagen Tableware


A Celebration of Cheese!

Natural materials, such as slate, marble and wood add a wonderful feel to any cheeseboard.  Slate and Marble also benefit from their natural properties of retaining cool temperatures, preventing your cheeses from becoming too warm. 

Depending on the number of guests, why not consider using a few smaller platters to create some theatre (as well as making it easier for all to pass the platters around) – there’s nothing more frustrating than being sat on the wrong side of the table where you just can’t reach that perfectly ripe Brie!  For a smaller gathering the Lazy Susan option works well, lets face it – after a full Christmas Dinner we are all feeling a little bit Lazy Susan, so let the cheese come to you!   



Our Show-Stopping Volcano Of Fire Christmas Cake!


Well, we did promise you… here it is for you to enjoy!



The cake topping firework is available via our Steamer Trading and Kitchens Cookshop stores (age restrictions apply), unfortunately we are unable to ship via our website due to legal restrictions.


If you fancy having a go at making this cake, the recipe for this cake can be found here on our blog.







Posted: 13 Dec 2017

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