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6 Unexpected Uses For A Heart Cookie Cutter

Heart Jammie Dodger Cookies

6 Unexpected Uses for a Heart Cookie Cutter


We all have cookie cutters in our cupboards in a variety of shapes & sizes - but have you ever used them form something other than a fun biscuit shape?  Here are 6 unexpected ways to use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make your Valentine feel extra special. 

1.  ♥ Pepperoni Pizza

Perfect for any pizza lover - using a very small heart cutter, cut little hearts from discs of pepperoni, then scatter like meaty confetti on top of a plain cheese pizza.  Quick, simple and a sure fire winner!

Pepperoni Hearts


2.   ♥ Jammie Dodgers

OK, so this is still technically a biscuit so its admittedly a pretty traditional use - but used in an interesting way to reinvent a family favourite. Use a small ♥ cutter to cut the shape out of the top biscuit before sandwiching together, sweet to eat and to look at!

Heart Jammie Dodgers

3. ♥ Toast

Gently push the blunt side of a heart cookie cutter into the bread before toasting, being careful not to go all the way through - when toasted the heart shape will shine forth - as will the admiration for you, from your loved one. 


4. ♥ Mini Cakes or Brownies

Bake a sheet cake or a pan of brownies, once cooled use a medium sixed heart cutter to cut out a plate full of mini bite sized delights. 

 Heart Brownie

5. ♥ Cocktail Garnishes

Use a small heart cookie cutter to cut shapes out from strawberries, slices of melon, apples, pineapple or any other firm fleshed fruit, mount them on a cocktail stick and voila - you have an instant Valentines Cocktail!  (Add a little shimmer and you have a whole party in a glass going on!) 

 Heart Garnishes

6. ♥ Eggy Bread

Use a large heart cookie cutter to cut the shape in the centre of a slice of bread.  Fry the bread and drop an egg into the hole, turn over once the egg has firmed up sufficiently.  

 Heart Egg Toast

Posted: 25 Jan 2018

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