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Knife Sharpening Know-How - Electric & Pull Through

Knives - Pull THrough

There are a huge variety of sharpeners on the market, but we're here to help untangle all the information for you!  They each approach the job of sharpening your knives in slightly different ways, but they are all capable of achieving good results - you just need to find the best knife sharpener for you and your knives..  


Electric Sharpening Machines

Using a machine to sharpen your knife saves time and effort. This type of knife sharpener is capable of producing extremely good results on both European and Oriental knives. Take care not to over sharpen your knives when using an electric knife sharpener. They produce fine results with just a few strokes, any more will grind more metal away from your knife than necessary and reduce its lifespan.


Pull Through, or Draw Through Sharpeners

The common thread running through all of these knife sharpeners is that you drop your knife into a slot and draw it forwards and backwards. An abrasive surface in the bottom of the slot sharpens the blade. The abrasives vary from miniature steels to ceramic wheels or surfaces covered with fine diamonds.  It’s important to choose a sharpener with the right type of abrasive to sharpen your knife.  European knives can be sharpened using any kind of surface however Oriental knives require a sharpener with a ceramic or diamond abrasive.


Draw through sharpeners do not require huge amounts of force or pressure to do the job. Don’t press your knife into the slot too hard, the sharpening action is all about drawing the blade forth and back through the abrasive. Choose a knife sharpener that feels comfortable to hold. There are some very compact models available whilst others have large ergonomic grips.

Posted: 14 Sep 2016

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