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Video - BBQ the easy way with LotusGrill!

Home BBQ - Lotus Grill

Easter has finished so that means it must be BBQ season!  Celebrate the welcome return of the sunshine in the traditional British way, OK,  so the temperature may only be pushing 15C but we are not about to let that spoil our summer are we?


Whether you are new to outdoor cooking, or have just brushed the winter debris off your old BBQ to find it has magically been replaced by rust, we have the perfect solution for stress free outdoor cooking either at home or out and about with the portable, smokeless BBQ, the LotusGrill


A truly unique & exceptional portable barbecue -  ready to use in just 3 minutes and smoke-free! The battery operated, patented design pushes air through the charcoal giving a bellows effect which very rapidly creates a high heat and bypasses the traditional ‘smoking’ stage. Its double-layered construction means the outer bowl is designed to remain cool enough to touch – even while cooking, making it safer to use when there are children around, or if you need to reposition the BBQ once it is lit. 


Available in 2 sizes, both the standard Lotus Grill and Lotus Grill XL are compact and easy to transport – so they double as camping or picnic BBQ’s too for added versatility.  A range of hoods and lids are also available for the LotusGrill if you are looking for indirect or slower cooking and roasting.


As if this wasn’t already enough – there is also a Pizza Stone insert for perfect pizzas, cooked outdoors in minutes.


The LotusGrill is a great option if you have limited space – it can even be used on balconies or small outdoor spaces – no garden required to get that delicous flavour from a charcoal grill!

 Lotus Grill


Want to see how it works? This video shows the ingenious process which makes it ready to grill in less than 5 minutes!



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Posted: 30 Apr 2019

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