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Bloggers Love | Summer Lollies for Kids & Grown Ups


This Summer we have seen the country’s longest heatwave since 1976 with temperatures reaching a scorching 35 degrees!


We gave 3 Mummy bloggers some of our favourite products from our Summer Ice Cream and Lollies range to find fun ways to keep cool with their kids. Each blogger created some mouth-watering results for their children with added booze for the parents for a summer alternative to their favourite glass of tipple! 


Amy Jane & Baby


Amy, a twenty-something first time mum to Freddie shared her top super easy snacks for hot days.


Freddie kept cool with watermelon lollies and strawberry yogurt pops in the funky Zoku Ice Pops Fish Mould. Amy then added a dash of rum to her watermelon lolly recipe and froze in the Zoku in line moulds for the daquiri lollies.


“The silicone means you can pop the lollies out with ease but the best part has to be the moulds themselves. From divers to sharks, each mould is ocean themed and is sure to be a big hit with your little one! They are the perfect size for little hands too.”




Seek my Scribbles


Megan treated toddler Arthur to fizzy lemonade lollies with extra shimmer and Bursting Bubbles by Popaball. She then added her own bubbles with a Prosecco version for the big kids!


The bursting bubbles were an instant hit - “Not only do they look cool but they also have an intense fruity flavour when they pop, which adds a special something to the ice lollies.”





The Illustrated Teacup


Rachel finds being the parent of a fussy eater can be stressful, but smoothies and lollies are something toddler Henry never has a problem with!


“Making ice lolly smoothies is also a great thing to do with kids. Getting them involved keeps them best entertained, helps educate them, and lets them feel a part of what they’re eating which is only ever going to be a good thing.”


 teacup blogger



Why not try out some of the recipes yourself? Take a look at the products our bloggers used here;

Posted: 08 Oct 2018

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