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To Waffle Or Not To Waffle?

Waffles by Cuisinart

“To Waffle, or not to waffle”….frankly, that’s not even a valid question.  OF COURSE we are going to waffle!  The correct question is “How are we going to waffle?”   Whether you like yours sweet or savoury, fried or baked we have the waffler for you (and yes, that is a real word apparently!)


As with all cookware, finding the tool that works best for your needs is the key, here’s a quick guide to our 3 best selling waffle makers.


For Hi Tech Convenience…

The Cuisinart Electric Waffle Maker makes proper, deep waffles with a golden, crunchy outside, and it's super practical too - the plates are designed to avoid overspill when pouring in the waffle mixture and they're easily removable for cleaning.  Best of all, they'll fit in the dishwasher so no fiddly clean-up required. 

It makes 2 waffles at a time with a 4 x 4 pattern, the cooking time is 5-6 minutes as the plates are heated both top and bottom for even cooking.  Perfect for both sweet and savoury waffles. 

 Cuisinart Waffle maker


For speed & the traditionalist…

The Cast Aluminium Nordic Ware Belgian Waffler is a non-stick, stovetop waffle maker, suitable for all hob types except induction.   Making up to 4 at a time, it makes traditional style Belgian waffles, with deep wells and crispier ridges. To use pre-heat both sides of the waffler for a minute or so, fill with batter then cook for one minute, flip over & cook for 2 more – and you’re done!  As used by Nigella Lawson in her latest series,  At My Table.

Comes apart for easy cleaning, easy to store in a cupboard on its side.  Plus the 3 x 3 wells per waffle make for a fun breakfast game of Noughts & Crosses if you feel like it!  Perfect for both sweet and savoury waffles. 

 Nordic Ware Waffler

For those in tight spaces & needing high volumes……

A thoroughly modern take on a waffle maker, this set of 2 silicone moulds from Lekue  means you can make a whopping 8 waffles at a time with a 3 x 5 pattern.  These moulds enable you to bake your waffles in the oven.   Cooking time at 220ºC is 12-14 minutes in total (removing from the mould after 8-9 minutes).


If you have a large family to feed this is a great option as you can all eat together, rather than someone staying in the kitchen preparing, multiple batches.   Plus, these are compact (and even foldable, thanks to their silicone construction) so easy to store, even in smaller kitchens.

 Lekue Waffle Mould


If you are looking for more waffle-based inspiration, we have some delicious recipes to inspire here, in the recipes section of our blog.

Posted: 31 Jan 2018

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