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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gift...

Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is upon us again – with July and August being the most popular times of the year it can become a bit of a whirlwind for guests as well as the lucky couple getting married, once you have sorted out your perfect outfit and made all the travel plans, the final piece of the puzzle is often trying to decide just what would be the perfect Wedding Gift.


We can help you there!  Everybody loves eating and drinking – so you are on to a sure fire winner with anything along those themes, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty and help you work out what would be just right for the new couple.


If they have been together for some time already, they will already have all the day to day basics, so this is your opportunity to WOW them with something luxurious, or fun, or quirky – something out of the ordinary.


LotusGrill – if they love life on the go in the great outdoors, the LotusGrill portable BBQ would be an amazing gift.  It heats up and is ready to cook on in under 5 minutes, light weight and portable, it’s perfect for picnics, camping or simply making the most of the sunshine at home.

 LotusGrill BBQ

Emma Bridgewater is everybody’s cup of tea – beautiful ceramics in a wide choice of designs.   Including their classic “Mr & Mrs” design available in Mugs, Cups & Saucer sets and a Teapots

 Emma Bridgewater Mr & Mrs Mugs

Le Creuset Casseroles – the classic gift that will last a lifetime (and that’s guaranteed!) a French cast iron casserole (or dutch oven as it’s sometimes called)  is a versatile cooking pot that will be cherished by anyone who loves to cook. 

Le Creuset Casserole 

Anyone for Champagne?  Help the happy couple to keep the wedding celebration going for years to come with these gorgeous LSA Moya Champagne Flutes, matching Wine & Cocktail glasses available so you can mix and match to build a set that suits them.

 LSA Moya Collection

For the coffee loving couple we have lots to offer:


How about the gift of time & convenience?  Nespresso Coffee Machines serve up barista quality coffee in minutes, we have a wide selection of coffee pod machines ranging from the super compact Krups Essenza Mini at £89.95 right up to the all singing, all dancing Sage Creatista at £399.95 and a whole range of coffee machines in between!

 Krups Essenza Nespresso Coffee Machine Sage Creatista Nespresso Coffee Machine

Coffee doens't need to be all rushed though - it can be relaxing too….imagine the happy couple relaxing on a Sunday morning with the beautiful silver, copper or gold coffee making collections from Barista & Co.

Barista & Co Gold Collection 

If the happy couple are true foodies, why not treat them to something a little different that will help them to spread their gastronomic wings?

A Sage Smoking Gun takes home cooking to the next level.  Effortlessly add a smoky flavour to all your food and drink creations and enter the world of home smoking, a perfect gift for anyone who loves to be at the cutting edge of food trends.

 Sage Smoking Gun

The La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven transforms a standard BBQ into an outdoor Pizza oven, cooking authentic thin & crispy homemade pizzas in 2-3 minutes.  Perfect for any pizza lovers or barbecue fans looking to expand their range and it works with both gas and charcoal barbecues.

 La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven


If you need any help or suggestions finding that perfect gift – please do ask us, our store staff will be able to advise you on a whole range of wonderful gift ideas regardless of your budget.  Weddings can be stressful enough – let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to the gifting!

Posted: 29 Jun 2017

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