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Bloggers Love | Reuse & Reduce Collection

Last month, we got in touch with a handful of UK bloggers who were interested in reducing their single-use plastic waste by choosing reusable alternatives instead. Some were already dedicated to living a more minimalist lifestyle, and some were simply dipping their toe into an eco-friendlier way of living. Our Reuse & Reduce collection features a fantastic range of products, from simple reusable water bottles to innovative beeswax wrap and collapsible coffee cups. We sent each blogger a selection of products, and they put them to the test!


Ace + Boogie

Emily shared her 'Six Easy Ways To Stop Using Single Use Plastic' in honour of Earth Day, with her favourite being the use of a Built Stainless Steel Water Bottle instead of a disposible plastic one, as it keeps its contents hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours, and ice will even remain frozen inside the bottle. "It's much lighter than the glass one I use, and far less breakable!" - read the rest of Emily's post here.




Abbey Louisa Rose

Abbey bravely chose to try a completely plastic-free week, and she shared her experience and what she learnt on her blog. She saved money by taking lunch to university in her Joseph Joseph Space Saving Lunchbox, and ditched wasteful plastic cutlery for the handy Joseph Joseph Portable Cutlery Set. Abbey was super impressed with the eco-friendly Beeswax Wrap too; "Since I can never eat an entire avocado in one go, I always keep the uneaten half in the fridge for the next day and in this wrap, it did not go as brown as usual from exposure to the air, which made me very happy!" - find out more about Abbey's plastic-free week here.





I'm Being Erica

Erica showed off the stylish side of sustainable living, featuring her Built Insulated Bottle Flask and Stojo Collapsible Travel Mug in her fashion accessory roundup, 'Serving Accessory Realness'. "No matter where i am headed, i will no doubt requite both coffee and water, and i'd rather not rely on take away cups and bottles ever again" - read the rest of Erica's Sustainable style tips here!





Blushing Lately

Milenka is no stranger to the world of environmentally friendly living, having cut out meat from her diet, switched to plant-based milk and begun consuming more locally sourced food - all just in the past few years! Things were a little trickier when it came to reducing plastic waste, so she was very happy to receive a little helping hand. Milenka’s favourite (which has proved popular across the board!) is the Built Insulated Bottle Flask. “I know that the insulated feature will come in very handy on warm summer days. I’m in love with the colour and it will look so pretty in a picnic basket!” – read the rest of Milenka’s thoughts here!



Posted: 15 May 2018

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