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Expert's Choice - Simon Drew

Simon Drew

Simon Drew is a popular illustrator and cartoonist, and a true gentleman whose often animal-themed creations are well loved, and feature in our top selling card collections in Steamer Trading.  He has been a wonderful supplier and friend to Steamer over the years, and we are delighted that he was willing to share his kitchen wisdom with us.  Some helpful suggestions, some not so helpful - but always, always entertaining! 

The Wine Rack

This is, of course, the most essential part of any kitchen and needs to be positioned somewhere near the door so that it isn't always necessary to stay in the kitchen for too long. It is often a good idea to have several of these. This item is closely associated with Number 2.


The Corkscrew

The well-tested Screwpull corkscrew seems a brilliant version to me because it makes the time between closed-bottle and contents-in-the-glass as short as possible.


The Egg-pricker

I am always amazed when I find people who don`t know they must prick both ends of an egg before boiling. It lets any demons out.”


The Garlic Press

If this is used very often it ensures plenty of spare seats on the bus, in the cinema etc.



This is my term for a strange concertina'd device that can be bought in Budapest. It is metal and can accommodate any size of saucepan or casserole so that it can be carried directly from hob to table without the need for a mat or trivet. Are these available in the UK now? We bought many in 1985 for 50p each.


Pepper Mill

This should be by the cooker and preferably of exciting dimensions.


My mother's silver teaspoon

It may only be small but I always choose my mother`s favourite teaspoon for my tea.


A pen

How can anyone work in a kitchen without being able to rush to a piece of paper at a moment`s notice whenever the urge takes you to jot down a poem or dash off a sketch of a particularly fine bowl of prawn risotto?

Posted: 14 Sep 2016

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