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Expert's Choice - Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge

As a two Michelin-star chef, and TV Celebrity chef, Tom’s cooking needs to deliver perfection every time, to do this he relies on having the very best kitchen equipment ready to hand, here are some of his personal favourites.

Yaxell Super Gou Knives

The first investment that any chef makes is in their own set of knives. Keeping them cherished, and razor sharp, makes all the difference in the kitchen. Tom uses Super Gou knives, which are sold exclusively in the UK by Steamer Trading.


Copper Pans

The material of choice for Michelin-star restaurants, copper conducts heat better than any other cookware – allowing perfect temperature control for dishes where accuracy is key to a great result. Tom uses Mauviel pans from France, which are lined with stainless steel - so they’ll last a lifetime.


Good Coffee  

Guests lucky enough to stay at one of the suites at the Hand & Flowers don’t need to worry about relying on the kettle and instant coffee when they wake up the next morning. Tom insists that his guests enjoy great coffee in their rooms, too – so he has equipped them all with Nespresso machines to ensure a perfect cappuccino.


Squeezy Sauce Bottles

 Ever wonder how dishes look so fantastic coming from the kitchens of the best restaurants? One of the secrets is the squeezy bottle, used to accurately pipe sauces onto the plate in just the right place. Perfect for creating a culinary masterpiece, although we can’t promise that your sauces will taste as good as Tom’s!

Posted: 14 Sep 2016

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