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Bloggers Love - Go Eco with Steamer Trading

Let’s Go Eco! We asked these top lifestyle bloggers to test drive our Reuse and Reduce collection to help them on their mission to reduce their single use plastic consumption without compromising on style!


Gina shares her aim to minimise, simplify and just enjoy life more on her eco blog Gypsy Soul - “I don’t know about you but I’m loving the fact that companies are now getting on board with sustainable living. There are so many great reusable products out there now and it’s great to see change finally happening.” Read more here

 Gypsy Soul

Wendy believes that sustainable living should be hip, not hippie and provides easy hints and tips on her blog Moral Fibres for living a greener life. Read more here


Amanda, The Online Stylist found the move to more sustainable living quite daunting at first but has taken small steps to sustainable living with the help of our Reuse and Reduce products. The Beeswax wraps were a roaring success - “I love how it seals together from the heat of your hands at the edges and is washable so, with proper care, you can re-use for up to a year." Read more here

 The online stylist

English Mum, Becky’s obsession for a while has been searching for the perfect reusable bottle. She found it with our insulated BUILT flask! Read her review on her 'Rose Gold Beauty' on her blog here

 English Mum

Sara confesses to not being the eco-warrior type but has been inspired to go plastic-free this year in an effort to be more responsible and reduce her carbon footprint. Read her Notes from a Stylist blog here

 Notes from a stylist

Ashley aka Lazy Daisy Jones started her eco-friendly journey with a lightbulb moment - “The kitchen is the heart of all homes. It is also the place that produces the most waste. So where better to start? We all know plastic is detrimental to our planet, but we don’t all know what to do about it in our own kitchens, what are the alternatives?" Read more here

 Lazy Daisy Jones

Besma became Curiously Conscious after being inspired by the zero-waste movement and has selected some of the most innovative products that she uses around her home. We sent her some products to try - “Whether you’re an aspiring plastic reducer, or a zero-waste expert, this hamper will make a worthy addition to the way you reduce your impact." Read more here

 Curiously Conscious

Alanna’s blog  aims to educate, as well as being a learning experience for Alanna herself. “No-one is perfect, but we can all be doing something (however small) in our daily lives to make this a safer, happier, healthier and kinder world to live in.” 

What are you doing to help save our planet- Need some help? Shop our Reuse & Reduce collection here.


Posted: 19 Dec 2018

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