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Reuse & Reduce Plastic

Reuse & Reduce


Plastic - The facts



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Luckily, the world is waking up to the effects of plastic waste, and Steamer Trading Cookshop is committed to providing new and innovative solutions to help you reduce yours! Here are our top tips to help you get started:

Save money AND the planet by adding a hard-wearing water bottle to your collection, helping you resist pricey disposable bottled water, which has recently been proven to contain tiny plastic particles. Nasty! A Built Insulated Bottle Flask is a brilliant choice, as its double-walled stainless steel body is durable and functional, keeping drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 6. It comes in a beautiful range of colours, too!


Avoid single use coffee cups, which – contrary to popular belief – cannot be easily recycled, by carrying your own reusable travel mug. The Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup is perfect, as it collapses down to pocket size when not in use. You’ll even save money, as many coffee shops now offer discounts if you bring your own cup (or save even more by making it at home!)


Rather than picking up disposable plastic cutlery, opt for wooden ones that can be recycled, or – even better – invest in a set of portable reusable cutlery instead. The Joseph Joseph GoEat Cutlery set features a metal knife, fork and spoon that nest neatly together, with a compact silicone cover for protection.


One of the biggest offenders when it comes to single-use plastic waste is takeaway food packaging, which is easy to avoid – just take your own packed lunch instead! With 3 separate compartments for salads, sandwiches and snacks, the Joseph Joseph GoEat Lunchbox is perfect for school, work or on-the-go. It collapses down neatly after use, making it super streamlined and easy to carry. Top tip: if you prefer to buy lunch, take this box to your local deli and ask them to fill it for you, avoiding the use of a plastic container!


Take cling film and plastic sandwich bags off your weekly shopping list. Of course, we don’t want to encourage food waste either, so keep things wrapped for freshness in Reusable Beeswax Wrap instead! The wraps are fully biodegradable, compostable, and are made with jojoba oil which has natural antibacterial properties, keeping food fresher for even longer.


Instead of picking up (and paying for!) single-use carrier bags every time you shop, carry a reusable alternative to save both plastic waste and money. Steamer Trading Cookshop carrier bags are super strong, so you can use them time and time again. They’re also fully degradable, and will start to break down in as little as a year when disposed of properly – compared to 500-1000 years for most plastic products! 


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 Built Insulated Bottle  Stojo Coffee Cup  Black + Blum Box Appetit Lunch Box — Olive

Built Insulated Bottle Flask



Stojo Collapsible Travel Mug



Box Appetit Lunch Box


 Black & Blum  Camelbak Forge Travel Mug  Joseph Joseph GoEat Space-Saving Lunchbox

Black + Blum Water Bottle - 750ml



Camelbak Forge Travel Mug



Joseph Joseph GoEat Lunchbox


Posted: 13 Apr 2018

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