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Vintage Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Vintage Inspired Cleaning Tips & Tricks


Not only does cleaning make your house a pleasure to be in, some people find it therapeutic! This may sound silly, as many of you probably find cleaning laborious and tedious job but some of you will know what I mean... Tidy kitchen, tidy mind as they say!


Why not bring some joy back to your cleaning schedule with some thoughtfully designed products, using natural components such as wood or feathers, they look good and work amazingly!

One of our favourites is the Living Nostalgia French Blue Housekeeping Tin which helps you keep all your cleaning tools at hand wherever you are in the house, featuring removable sections and a super convenient carry handle!

Anyhow, here are our vintage inspired top tips & hacks…


  • Dusting; Start at the top, dust falls downwards so its always best to start from the top hardest to reach cupboards to the bottom ones. Browse our extensive range of dusters for quick and easy dusting multiple surfaces or try our Eddington’s Extendable Ostrich Feather Duster for superlative dusting.


  • Lemon juice and water air freshener; These days we can get our hands on such a wide variety of different air fresheners and diffusers that this probably isn’t everyone’s first choice, but it does a good job without using any chemicals! For an extra touch, add a few drops of vanilla essence, making your house smell like you’re always baking something tasty. Lemon Juice is also antibacterial so will help keep bacteria at bay as well as smelling citrusy and fresh!


  • White vinegar and water to clean surfaces; Mix 1-part vinegar and 2-parts water for wiping down surfaces for a dazzling finish! Use our E-Cloth Multipurpose Kitchen Cloth for dazzling results.
  • Polishing wooden surfaces & furniture; Mix 1-part Olive oil and 3 parts lemon juice and rub over all types of wood for a luscious shine
  • Window Cleaning; Mix 1-part white wine vinegar, 2 parts water and a few drops of peppermint oil for non-smeary windows all around the house. The peppermint adds a lovely scent to the mix but also repels uninvited rodents! Squeegee away remaining water with the Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee.

  • Carpet Cleaning; Sprinkle carpet with bicarbonate of soda and leave for 15 minutes to work, then simply sweep off with our Eddington’s Broom for best results!


  • Stained pots & pans; Use Salt, it’s a natural abrasive and absorbent, rub a little on burn spots and marks on pans (Not non-stick!) and leave over night to work its magic and the next day it should wipe off, if it’s a tougher stain, have a go with the Eddington’s Pot Brush and that should finish the job!


Sometimes its nice (and worth it!) to go back to basics, using sworn-by tips and hacks collected over the years. We hope these help and inspire you to start your spring clean in style!


Our top products are:

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Posted: 18 Jan 2018

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