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about our Dualit
Toasters may come and go, but the classic Dualit toaster will outlast them all. When the engineer Max Gort-Barten designed the first Dualit toaster in 1946, he built a product to last that would withstand the rigours of the commercial kitchen. Today, the second and third generation of the Gort-Barten family own and run the company and ensure that their latest inventions meet Max’s determination to build long-lasting, quality products. The Classic Toaster is still made in England, hand-assembled in Sussex by skilled workers, many of whom are second or even third generation Dualit employees themselves. Many of Steamer Trading’s own staff have visited the factory themselves and know what makes these toasters so special. At Steamer Trading, we don’t just sell Dualit, we use their toasters, too. Liz and David, our founders, have owned a Dualit since Steamer Trading began in 1985. The lovely smell of toast at our head office in Lewes comes from a Dualit, still going strong after 20 years in use. So what makes it special? The Dualit Classic has replaceable elements – so when they eventually wear out (imagine buying a car without replaceable brakes or tyres), don’t throw the toaster away, just pop in a new element (stocked at Steamer Trading). Their simple, mechanical timer and manual bread lift mean there’s less to go wrong – and you can leave the toast in, keeping warm, until you’re ready for it. The stainless steel crumb tray and open slots mean its easy to clean and the polished aluminium ends stay cool, so no toasted fingers. It’s a recognized design classic, too, with a permanent place in the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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