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about our Ruffoni
When the Italians make any product they do it with pride and passion that usually leads to outstanding results. The Ruffoni family have thoroughly taken this philosophy to heart in making some of the most beautiful and practical cookware in the world. The town of Omegna at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy has a long heritage of manufacturing fine cookware, particularly copper cookware. It’s said that the leprechauns that live in all the surrounding towns go to Omegna to get the coppersmiths to make their precious pots. We suggest that you keep an eye out for a leprechaun restaurant next time you’re in the area. Ruffoni hold onto the old traditional methods of manufacture such as hand beating copper pans for strength and durability as well as looks believing that the personal touch of a skilled craftsman guarantees the very best level of quality control. This philosophy is also transferred to Ruffoni stainless steel ply cookware. Whether you choose traditional copper or modern stainless steel a piece of Ruffoni copper cookware will enhance both your kitchen and your cooking for a lifetime.

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