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Yaxell Super Gou 161 20cm Chef's Knife (776042)

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This practical 20cm chef's knife will tackle almost any cutting and slicing task in the kitchen with ease. it's the perfect size for preparing meat and cutting vegetables whether you pref...  Read More

Brand Yaxell
Range Super Gou
Size 20cm
Style Chef's Knives
Age Restrictions

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This practical 20cm chef's knife will tackle almost any cutting and slicing task in the kitchen with ease. it's the perfect size for preparing meat and cutting vegetables whether you prefer sliced, diced, brunoise or julienne the fine strong edge of this Super Gou chef's knife can do it all with ease. The half bolstered construction of the Super Gou chef's knife makes it lighter than traditional European models; this combined with its fine cutting edge makes the Gou chef's knife capable of doing fine delicate work not normally associated with a knife of this size. This knife is the perfect choice for meticulous and demanding professional chefs as well as enthusiastic home cooks for whom nothing but the very best will do.


About Yaxell


Yaxell Super Gou knives are the second most superior in the Yaxell Range and are made by skilled craftsmen in Seki, the famous Japanese city of blades where legendary Samurai swords have been produced for over 700 years. Super Gou knives continue this tradition of fine workmanship. Each one is made from an impressive 161 layers of folded Damascus steel with a core of micro carbide powdered SG2 stainless steel affording superior sharpness and edge retention as well as giving the blade its striking good looks. The handles are made of Micarta, a very strong and hygienic material made from layers of canvas cloth set in polycarbonate resin and formed at high temperature and pressure. The resulting knife handle is every bit as hygienic as a stainless steel one but much more comfortable to hold, particularly after prolonged use.


The word 'Gou' translates from Japanese as 'the superb'. We think that's far too small a word to describe the unparalleled excellence of the Super Gou knives. Every aspect of the knife, from its clean crisp lines to the Damascus pattern on the blade and its phenomenal handling is made to the very highest standards to stir and arouse your senses. Picking up your Gou knife makes every meal that you prepare into a gastronomic adventure. We believe that a Super Gou knife can provide all the inspiration you need to realise your full culinary potential.


About Chef’s Knives

Arguably the most important tool in any professional or home kitchen, Chef’s Knives can accomplish almost any cutting task from slicing a pumpkin to dicing a shallot with ease. Chef’s Knives range in size from tiny 12cm models to huge 36cm blades. Choose Chef’s Knives with the longest blade that you are comfortable with for the most versatility.


Yaxell Super Gou 161 20cm Chef's Knife - customer reviews.


Customer Comment
Extremely sharp with clean cut, good sustainability of the sharp edge.
Amazing, very sharp! Be careful
  • Wash knife with lukewarm water and wipe both blade and handle with dishcloth.
  • We do not recommend use of a dishwasher
  • Keep knives in dry place.
  • Keep knives out of reach of children.
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