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Why should I recycle my old Electrical items?

Since the 1st July 2007, the UKs Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has allowed members of the public to dispose of their old electric and electronic items, free of charge, at recycling sites across the UK. Here at Steamer Trading, we feel we have a part to play in protecting the environment as landfill sites are beginning to reach full capacity, due to this being one of the fastest growing waste streams in the whole of the UK.

How should I recycle my old Electrical items?

Recycling your items can be quick and easy. Simply contact your local council to find out their current procedure or go to: and find your nearest recycling bank.

How do I know what can be recycled?

All electronics sold now which can be recycled, carry a logo of a ‘crossed wheeled bin’. See picture, if you are unsure of what this looks like. You do not need to purchase a new electrical to recycle any used, unwanted electrical - you can recycle at any point.

Can Steamer Trading recycle on your behalf?

Unfortunately, we cannot recycle on your behalf. The best way to recycle your items is by following the procedure above. Our helpful advisors in our stores will be able to advise you on the WEEE recycling practice of contacting your local council or locating your nearest recycling bank.

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